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When Religion and Politics Don’t Mix February 18, 2009

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So the girls and I were talking at lunch about the octomom-I can’t even capitalize her nickname because that would be giving her some sort of pop culture status instead of the straitjacket she so clearly deserves. Anyway, one of the girls said that her friend had gone to a fertility doctor who implanted every single one of their fertilized eggs, believing the number of embryos that implanted and remained viable was “in God’s hands.” (Aside: apparently the Anglican church has a different view.)

How the hell does someone with such a laissez-faire Christian philosophy come to be sticking fertilized eggs up a woman’s hoo-ha anyway? Would becoming pregnant not be “in God’s hands” in the first place?

So, according to this guy: You are not playing God when you connect an egg and sperm to create an embryo, resulting in what most (if not all) Christians believe is a sacred, inviolable life. However, you are playing God when you choose to implant, say, three embryos instead of six or eight because you are denying those other embryos the right to life.  But doesn’t he understand that those embryos wouldn’t have been there in the first place if he (not God) hadn’t created them?

This guy is basically saying, “I’ll turn on the ignition but I won’t drive the car.”  Then he denies all accountability when the car slams into a playground full of children.  Well, the car wouldn’t have hit anything if it hadn’t been started, now would it?


In a perfect world, people would have to prove their ability to financially support the number of embryos implanted, even if it’s nearly impossible for each embryo to remain viable. You want eight embryos implanted? Better make $250,000. Don’t make $250,000? Tough cookies. Oh, you say, but I need every embryo implanted at once because I can’t afford to do this procedure more than once….it’s so expensive! No shit, Sherlock.  Try raising five babies at once…you think that comes cheap? If you’re already worried about the cost of the procedure itself, then you can’t afford kids.  There are plenty of kids out there who need a loving home, so adopt one of them and let your genes go quietly into that black night.  Unless you’re Bill Gates or something, it’s no big loss…except to the kid who goes unfostered or unadopted because of your selfishness.


2 Responses to “When Religion and Politics Don’t Mix”

  1. aksteve Says:

    Dang girl, you are awesome. found your link on These are the true words people are afraid print. If you wrote like this for any national rag, you’d be [strike]hated[/strike] famous. :->

  2. indiakonstanze Says:

    Thanks so much! Maybe I’ll be hated and/or famous one day…a girl can dream. Until then, I’m gonna keep slingin’ shit here on this blog. Hopefully I’ll keep entertaining you.

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