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Who Is This Crazy Chick? February 13, 2009

I’m 32 years old and still feel like a kid.

Until a few months ago, I ate macaroni and cheese and frozen pizza at least two nights a week but I gave it up in favor of a self-imposed low-sodium diet. It’s a pain in the ass, but I’ve lost eight pounds so I guess it’s working.

I wish everything in my house could be pink, and will wear really uncomfortable shoes if they make my legs look good. There is no excuse for not wearing lipstick.

I have this idea that I could be a better person if I tried, but trying is really hard.  It doesn’t mean I won’t make the attempt, but it does mean that I never exercise on Mondays because that’s Gossip Girl night. Chuck Bass, how do I love thee? *sigh*

I was able to sell my house and get out of Arkansas. I’m back in California, living in Folsom. I have no job and no prospects, but am planning to go back to school at Sac State in the fall and try to get a Masters in English (yeah, that’s useful).

I’m trying to motivate myself to write a novel (already written two…why not a third?) and living life with a husband and a dream.


6 Responses to “Who Is This Crazy Chick?”

  1. Nimesh Patel Says:

    Hi, this is Nimesh Patel. I got to your blog via who had a link to a website called “really fuc*ed homeowner”. Like you, I am renting too and waiting for the price of a home to be affordable again. I live in Chicago and even today, you can’t buy a decent (3 to 4 bedrooms with two full baths and a two car garage) home. People are still freaking delusional asking 400K to 650K for a house! Just crazy!!! They can have it! And the outrageous property tax bill and insurance that goes with it. I just wanted to thank you for your work on the “renting versus owning debate”. I printed out that article and gave it to my cousin who desperately wants to buy now because he feels like a loser because he is 30 years old and still renting. I tried to help him, I even gave out your article, but to no avail. Once again, thanks for your great article. I arrived to the same conclusion by just crunching the numbers several years ago. And yes, I think soon you will be able to move back to your home state of California, but be prepared to pay a lot in taxes since their checkbook is in such shambles.

  2. indiakonstanze Says:

    Hi Nimesh!
    Thanks for taking the time to comment…I really appreciate it! I hope my research helps your brother realize he is much better off as a renter.

    I’m waiting for the sale of my home to close, and then I’ll gladly rejoin the ranks of happy renters who know they’re making the only smart choice for this market and this economy.

    Hope to hear from you again soon!

  3. John Says:

    I am moving to your neck of the woods from CA. I am a homeowner been one for 20 years. I notice that you seem to be behind all the negative info. regarding home ownership.
    My question to you since your the home guru. What happens when nobody owns rental homes anymore because of rent control or the econemy? There will be no landlord but the US gov’t or the BANKS. Ya that sounds like a fair rent coming from them. I think the banks would rather keep them empty rather than face rent control. So when millions are fighting to rent apartments, condos, and townhomes how expensive will rent be then? Just curious since you have convinced me that ownership is stupid. In that regard I think I will rent everything.
    Oh and whats wrong with AR? What city are you in anyway?

  4. indiakonstanze Says:

    I’m no home guru, as my posts prove…I’m just a sucker who fell for the “owning a home is the best investment you could make” argument.

    I believe there will always be investors and property management companies that buy homes in order to rent them…this burden does not necessarily fall to the individual like you or me.

    In a sense, the US government is already starting to become the landlord of the place you keep your money…some if not all of the banks that were bailed out had to exchange non-majority shares of stock for government money, which means Uncle Sam is already in partial control of the institutions that give you car loans, home loans, and generally safeguard your direct deposits. What would be so different about writing a rent check to Uncle Sam, if you’re already trusting him with your direct deposit? I’m not advocating the US government become a large-scale landlord…I’m just playing devil’s advocate.

    What’s wrong with Arkansas, you ask….my first response would be, “A lot.”

  5. beckitheboss Says:

    Miss your family? Sure.
    The beach? Definitely.
    Panda Express? Hold it right there. Consider yourself lucky to be sheltered by half a nation’s distance from crappy pseudo-ethnic food (at least of the Chinese variety).

    Give yourself a break; you moved for a reason and it makes financial sense. CA is out-of-control expensive and crowded. Those of us still here have reason to question our sanity on a daily basis.

  6. indiakonstanze Says:

    Oh, I’m under no illusion that Panda produces actual Asian-style food. But whatever it is, it tastes great!

    Let’s look at Little Rock for a contrast….if you’re in the mood for Thai, you have only one choice: a Thai/Chinese/Vietnamese restaurant. When you order red curry, they bring you a plate of sauteed onions in sweet and sour sauce. No joke.

    California may have its problems, but so does Arkansas. Lack of literacy, lack of economic development, budget woes…all those things are present in Arkansas, but then you get to add in desegregation and the seeming lack of separation between church and state. It’s a problem. I just couldn’t do it anymore.

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