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Meet Killer February 13, 2009

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Okay, let me introduce you to our official mascot.  His name is Killer, and he’s a Great Dane.  I’ve had him since he was about 5 weeks old, and he is a hoot.

He’s almost a year and a half old, and I think he’s reached his grown-up height and weight.  He’s only 130 pounds, which I think is kinda shrimpy for a Great Dane.  I feel a tad cheated because he’s basically girl-sized, and I wanted a freaking monster of a dog.  But he’s lovable and so much fun to run with.  I’m not completely heartless.

Killer’s likes include dairy products, hauling ass across the backyard, drooling, and hitting on other dudes at the dog park.  Killer’s dislikes include dry food without any wet food or milk mixed in, bedtime,

Hello! My name is Killer, and I'm the mascot around here.

Hello! My name is Killer, and I'm the mascot around here.

and any loud noise within a three mile radius.

He’s very skittish, and will run and hide in a corner if you shake a plastic bag at him.  Last night, he skedaddled across the kitchen when I shook a box of macaroni and cheese.  For some reason, he thinks it’s awesome to greet me by clamping his mouth down on my arm.  He’s not really comprehending my “no cashmere” clause.  We need to work on this.

Any other Dane owners out there?  What do your guys weigh?  Are they big Scooby-Doo-style chickens, too?

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